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About Us

Corporate culture is an enterprise in the long-term production and management of advocacy, accumulation, after screening and refining is the soul and potential productivity of enterprises, is to build the core competitiveness of enterprises strategic initiatives.

In this case,
New China has been established, along with the rapid development of industry, petrochemical, valve corporate culture has achieved fruitful results. Strengthening the construction of corporate culture has become an important company in the construction of international competitiveness of the valve company, "culture strong enterprises" has become an important part of Sinopec Valve Company's development strategy and the consensus of all staff.

In the future development, Sinopec will continue to cultural strategy as an important development strategy, and constantly enrich and improve the characteristics of the petrochemical valve with the corporate culture, so that an excellent petrochemical valve culture as an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development.

Entrepreneurship: patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking, and development.

Corporate philosophy: integrity, innovation, performance, harmony and security.