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About Us

I. Introduction
      ZSH Shanghai Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a design development, manufacturing, testing, sales and service of high-tech and innovative production valve key enterprise.
Sinopec Valve Company main products are valve, ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, check valves, power station valve, automatic control valves, cylinder valves, marine valves, anticorrosive valve, high / low temperature valves and special valves and other series; products in accordance with China GB, HG, JB, United States API, ANSI, German DIN and Japanese JIS national standards of production. The company's strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment, detection means complete, strict management system, high quality and reliable products, and constant product innovation. The company produces a variety of Material valve products are widely used in petrochemical, oil refining, nuclear, chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, food, defense, military and urban construction and other fields; and various certificates and made significant achievements.
Sinopec Valves made since history has been adhering to the advanced modern enterprise management mode, relying on high-tech advantages; follow the "harmonious, pragmatic, innovation, endless pursuit of" the concept of "quality-oriented, customer first, dedicated service," the purpose, depending on product quality and reputation for life. The company's goal is to make the valve industry, the largest and most professional valve manufacturer and supplier!
      Sinopec valve technology force, the existing nine senior engineer, senior managers 4, various engineering and technical staff of 76 people; the establishment of ERP business management system, enterprise information construction in the forefront of the industry to go. Product design and development, the use of our company and industry research institutes to develop the valve design software, to achieve the three-dimensional shape, not only to improve the speed of product development, but also improve the quality of product development.
The company now mainly processing and testing equipment, including a large number of newly acquired gold cutting equipment, especially large vertical lathe and horizontal boring machine, large diameter valves so that my company's production capacity has greatly improved. Detection means re-layout, acquisition of 12 sets of test rig, valve performance testing to meet the needs of different connection methods, such as flange, clip-on, welded connections, threaded connections, test pressure ≤1000Kg / c m2, the establishment of a new laboratory of cryogenic valves and valve nuclear laboratory, the test product, test more scientifically sound. Updated physics and chemistry, metrology and other equipment. It also built the RT-ray examination room, so that the company also has the ability to non-destructive testing RT, UT, PT, MT and the like.
Second, the manufacturing advantages
1. Standards
the company has been committed to technological innovation, and strive to promote technological progress in the valve industry. Valve standard work, I actively participate in the drafting of the standard valve, combined with the actual production situation of the enterprises has also developed a number of corporate standards, to promote China's valve standard with the world made a great contribution.
2. Tooling process
I am in valve manufacturing, production process, from raw materials to finished product qualified factory, established a set of quality management system under the control of the manufacturing process. In the process flow, our company has many years of experience, through different structures each grade product, the different requirements of each part, and combined with advanced processing equipment, has developed a very sophisticated parts processing, cleaning, equipment technology, and specifically with the corresponding tooling, mold, through this form of a card, a process to ensure accuracy of product processing, so as to ensure that all qualified manufactured products.
3. equipment
Our equipment advanced well. Existing processing center, large 4.0 m and 2.5 m vertical lathe, CNC lathes, horizontal boring machine, horizontal lathe, milling, drilling, hook type shot blasting machine more than 200 sets. Also equipped with a plasma spray welding machine and a full set of resistance furnace heat treatment equipment. Companies focus on first-class equipment of the same time, pay more attention to product quality, with a sound means of detection test equipment. All kinds of physical and chemical detection equipment readily available, the plant has built nuclear power products and low temperature laboratory product testing room, and is equipped with an optical spectrum analyzer, Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness tester, impact testing machine, universal tool microscope, ultrasonic thickness instruments, hydraulic valve pump inspection station and other testing equipment. The company also built a RT NDT room, along with the company's ability to detect destructive RT, UT, PT, MT and the like. These means of detection for the valve performance and product quality assurance has played a role.
4. excellent team
My company has a team of professionals in science and technology, there is a line through rigorous training staff posts, have a special job to obtain a certificate personnel, to work actively in the development of new products, innovation.
5. Product Awards
My company's various valve won the national silver medal, Shanghai quality products Award, the Ministry of Machinery Industry first prize; valve actuators series of ministerial-level design prize. My company produces various types of electric valve with a compact structure, reasonable matching, to use and easy maintenance, with manual pneumatic valve eligible bureau-level scientific and technological achievements third place.
I manufactured -46 ℃, -101 ℃, -196 ℃ valve, closing valves, check valves cryogenic valves series through the municipal, ministerial and other identification, of which -101 ℃ cast steel valves Shanghai Science and Technology won first prize in the revitalization , -46 ℃, -196 ℃ cryogenic valves by the City Bureau of Electrical and Mechanical Services Award for outstanding new products. Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, aerospace and other fields. Sinopec certification confirm our cryogenic valves for the petrochemical construction projects recommended products.
Our high temperature produced by the American ANSI standard, high-voltage station valves by the Shanghai New Product Award.
In addition, I design and manufacture of a large number of high-parameter non-standard valves, and other special products, widely praised by users.
For decades reason Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical Products Quality Inspection Center, periodic testing per year, stable product quality, excellent, full compliance with national standards.
My company to design, manufacture gates, hand electric hoist dual-use equipment, major projects in flood control, flood, environmental protection, municipal engineering, water supply and drainage systems, sewage treatment, etc. are selected.
Third, Honor
Qualification - People's Republic of China special equipment design and manufacturing license
American Petroleum Institute API 6D and API 591 Certificate
DNV ISO 9001: 2000 international quality certification
National explosion-proof certification
Chinese Oil Energy Member
China Petrochemical material resources market members
Electric power supply system valve members of the network
Honor - two state enterprises
        China Famous Trademark
        Shanghai brands
        Shanghai export quality assurance unit
        Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical Industry Bureau of outstanding new products
        Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award
        Shanghai Outstanding New Product
        China Machinery Association valves Branch by the governing unit
        China Association for Quality Inspection member of Solidarity
I am in the petrochemical industry, thermal power, nuclear power, metallurgy and other industries with a wide range of performance, have long-term cooperation with CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, five major power companies. I adhere to open up the market, in order to grab market quality, variety of customers struggle to improve the quality and development, to grasp the market right decisions, with a complete quality assurance system, excellent product quality, China's valve industry in the domestic market and to contribute to the international market and win reputation.