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About Us

 As the company (sinopec Shanghai valve manufacturing co., LTD.) the expansion of the business and reputation, visibility, often find that there are other companies or others in the name of the company or pretend to be the company staff engaged in commercial transactions, sales of the company brand products. The above actions seriously damage the interests of clients and the reputation of the company and the legitimate rights and interests. To regulate markets, protect the interests of customers, maintain the company's image, the masses of customers and partners, please note:
1. No any branch, the company's only agent or agents, and a district cities only one agent or representative.

2. All the agent or representative holding the company issued by the effective certificate of authorization is valid for one year, no authorization certificate is fake.

3. Confirm the authorization certificate of authenticity please call 021-66516999 or online "other services".

4. The part has to be cancelled/terminated its proxy agent qualification/agent to continue to use, under the guise of the name of the company business activities or the company's brand, please make sure it is a valid certificate of authorization and its authenticity.

5. Has to cancel/terminate the agent area: jiangsu, henan, hubei, guizhou province, shandong province. Not released area does not represent a distributor/agent, please make sure it is a valid certificate of authorization and its authenticity.

6. In addition to a valid certificate of authorization any claim to the rest of the "Shanghai sinopec valve manufacturing co., LTD. (XX) branch" or use the name "and" sinopec valve "approximate behavior have nothing to do with our company. Customers please pay attention to distinguish, in order to avoid inconvenience or loss.

Sinopec Shanghai valve manufacturing co., LTD