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With the only way
Always bear in mind: employers do not suspect, suspects do not. Talented people are looking for a career, not a job. For newcomers, we are very concerned about the other party's choice to join the determination of Sinopec. And for those who are working hard, they take great care to create a challenging, innovative and free work atmosphere.

Employment principles
1, noble character, integrity, integrity, hard work, have good communication skills;
2, a strong cause of enterprise
3, instrument demeanor dignified, decent speech.
4, loyalty to the company, agree with the corporate values, personal goals and corporate goals.
5, a lifelong learning, rapid learning ability, constantly updated knowledge to adapt to the company's development.
6, full of team spirit, to collaborate with others, with the work.
7, on the basis of extensive knowledge, in a particular field?or?in some areas of expertise.
8, high efficiency, speaking methods, insight strong, hard-working, creative thinking.

Organizational spirit
1, excellent team is the survival and sustainable development of enterprises the best resources.
2, the authority can only represent certain aspects?or?some experience has been better than us, and the environment is unpredictable, the old standard?or?old methods do not necessarily work.
3, mutual respect, encourage each other, to meet the challenges for our common achievements and deeply honored.
4, so that each potential, diligent and enterprising employees get the best learning and development opportunities.
5, a high degree of responsibility, honesty, science to treat work, hard work and fair trade, so that we win.
6, we respect each one for the enterprise to win the interests of the hero, but against some opportunistic, short-sighted!
7, our sincere concern for colleagues, concerned about the enterprise, concerned about the customer and the community, co-casting a everyone would like to work, customers want to cooperate with the team.
8, we work together for the enterprise, for the community continue to create benefits, we get better treatment, welfare and security protection.