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First, the recruitment principle:
1) Information disclosure: fair competition opportunities for job seekers, so that recruitment in the public under the supervision of the community;
2) fair equality: the candidates are treated equally, creating a competitive environment for the selection of jobs;
3) development potential: it has the potential for sustainable development and development;
4) focus on recruitment: resolutely implement the "twenty-eight law";
5) the principle of quantity: to "make the best use of their talents", "with their director", "the person obtains";
6) the overall principle: its overall quality (moral and other factors) and the current position of the degree of compliance;
7) two-way choice: both companies and job seekers have the right to choose each other.

Second, the Shanghai Petrochemical Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for the Shanghai large valve sales business, due to the growing business, the following positions:
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