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Win together, Cheng Zhao outstanding agents
We welcome the intention to engage in agency work, and have the following basic conditions of the agent units or personnel, with the company to negotiate.
Agents should have the basic conditions:
    (1) has a certain economic strength and business credit, and valve sales experience;
    (2) have a good sales channels and channels, with a certain degree of marketing ability, can assume a regional marketing tasks;
    (3) to accept the company 's authorization and can strictly abide by the company' s agency policies, regulations, the company designated area exclusive agent of the Company 's products and services;
  Solemnly declare: The company will not be in the same prefecture-level city set up two or two sales agents, to ensure the uniqueness of joining partners. Specific agency system and the proxy area, please call 021-66516999  consultation.

  Shanghai Sinopec Valve Manufacturing Co