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The holiday notice

Time:2018-02-01  Views:7300

Respect for the old and new customers and staff:

Thank you for your interest in sinopec Shanghai valve manufacturing co., LTD's care and love!

During the Spring Festival coming, sinopec Shanghai valve manufacturing co., LTD. All my colleagues to you and your family to send out the most sincere best wishes: happy New Year to you! All the best! In the New Year health! Career to the next level! Thank you for your to Shanghai sinopec valve, as always, support and help, in the New Year we will be more sincere service return customers!

Our 2018 Spring Festival holiday arrangement is as follows:

Vacation time: 2018.02.05-2018.02.28

Work time: 2018.3.1

During the holidays, stop new orders business, for the convenience of you during the holiday season for our customer service, you can through the email contact the sales staff. Hope that in the 2018 wish you in the New Year the business is thriving, everything goes well, happy life! Here to bring you the inconvenience, apologize. Once again thank you for your support to our company's long!


                                                                                     Sinopec Shanghai valve manufacturing co., LTD

                                                                                                     02, 2018 1