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Cancel/terminate the agent declaration

Time:2020-04-08  Views:4374

Respected customers, partners:

How do you do!

Due to found that part of the company has been cancelled/terminated its agent distributor/agent to continue to use, under the guise of the name of the company or business activities, the company's brand is now a solemn statement:

Has been cancelled/terminated agent area: jiangsu, henan, hubei, guizhou, shandong

Not released area above does not represent a distributor/agent, for confirmation please call the company 021-66516999. Have the above area customers need to inquiry please directly with your company in sales, procurement contact phone: 021-51619977/51619868.

To cancel/terminate the agent distributor/agent is no longer authorized its sales of sinopec Shanghai valve manufacturing co., LTD., of any relevant products, shall not use the company's brand, once found that the company will shall be investigated for their legal responsibility according to law. If there is any delivery are considered to be the illegal channels of supply, the company is not recognition and is not subject to the company's service and quality assurance.

I hereby declare

Sinopec Shanghai valve manufacturing co., LTD

April 8, 2020