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1, the product part design, manufactured in compliance with three requirements, interchangeability, versatility.

2. Significant quality complaints visual range distance in 24 hours up to 72 hours of arrival, and to ensure customer satisfaction.

3, the warranty period of one year. Three Guarantees implemented within a year, it is to check the quality of the factory, Baotuibaohuan, according to real pay the freight.

4, the company sent experienced technical staff free to the scene to guide the installation, commissioning and acceptance, and commissioning and maintenance personnel training.

5, after the failure of the product does not work, the company received customer notification service request sent within 24 hours to arrive.

6, stem cylindrical grinding will be shipped by surface high pressure resist stem nitriding treatment, wear and corrosion. To ensure that no dynamic seal leakage.

7, 100% according to GB / T13927, API598, JB / T9092 and other standards pressure test execution time is longer than the standard time of 1.5 times the internal control standards.

8, the sealing surface width, hardness, thickness, material, etc. to meet the design and JB5211-91 standards. All sealed by NDT testing factory.

9, the entire process in accordance with ISO9001 standards, the implementation of traceability controls to ensure that each part can be traced back only to control, to ensure that each part can only be traced back to man, machine and sub-suppliers.

10, forging, steel casting in strict accordance with GB12229, GB3077, ZBJ98015, ZBJ98016, JB / T5263, ASTM A216, ASTM A217, etc. into the factory inspection, inspection reports can be found physical and chemical properties.

11, the outer valve cavity were shot, polished and cleaned by high pressure liquid rust stains cavity heated to high temperatures to the oil spray rust inhibitor. Ensure cavity clean, no rust, in line with export requirements.

12 products in strict accordance with the relevant standards of design, manufacture, acceptance. Customers to follow JB / T3595, ANSIB 16.34, E101, GB1223 4, GB12235, GB12236, GB12237, GB12238, DL / T530 and other standards supervision.