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First, pre-service

Before purchasing communication and exchanges based on customer needs, provide a reasonable program and valve type selection.
Confirm before purchasing product model, caliber, medium, temperature, number of technical parameters.

Consideration in the selection of whether the lowest cost and maximize performance efficiency, cost-effective products to consider.

Non-standard products according to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture products.

Technical communication process according to customer demand to provide drawings, images so user awareness, recognition.

Buyer will inform the user of the product before delivery, warranty, rate, mode of transport.

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Second, the sale of services

Respect for each customer, to a customer at ease, a relaxed, pleasant overall value of the services.
Conduct cost comparison: than the price than quality, than the service, to maximize efficiency, and achieve more cost-effective.

Timely and accurate product information, so that customers receive first-hand information and time control.

After signing the contract, in accordance with the contract, the quality and quantity delivered on time, to provide a complete service system.

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Third, the service

According to the contract requirements to provide product certification, signs, warranty book, shipping lists, value-added tax invoices.
Provide timely and effective twelve months product warranty services, life-long free consulting services.

In the course of product performance it is tracked by the sales staff.

Every good save and record data information, customer information strictly confidential.